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The roadmap of Dynamics NAV.

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Now, I’m a good old Dynamics NAV 201x guy. I’m not an AX guy nor am I a CRM guy. Naturally I know about these products but NAV is my honey. Currently I see many marketing and sales announcements from our competitors stating “We have delivered D365 to our customer X”. And not only that, but to make it really sexy, these statements always include “from the cloud”. That makes me smile a bit. But fact is that it is causing a lot of confusion and hassle within customers. “Probably we need that D365 as well and most likely we are already too late!? Heeellp!”. For all those other NAV guys out there; NO. NO, NO, NO! It is just marketing. Relax, raise your feet to the table, chill. Now, here are the two important things things related to NAV roadmap:

AX, NAV, Business or Enterprise?


Throughout the history, there’s been the debate of what to choose. Do you want to hop into the AX sled or to the NAV power boat? Microsoft says that you need to select the AX if you are running a large company (>250 users) and NAV for SMB (0-250 users). Well, it has never really been like that. There are of course some differences in features but there is a lot of large companies running NAV and the amount of users has rarely been the key factor in the selection process. Those with bigger budgets have probably always gone with AX. Those with more key eye on money vs value have probably selected NAV.

D365 or 2018 (R2)… You are not alone!


NAV sells, there is no denying of that. We make a lot deals in selling NAV e.g. we supply & install it with or without verticals (like LS Retail etc.), we configure, modify, train… and yes.. it is therefore also a major contributor to the Microsoft’s cash box. So, naturally, Microsoft is pushing huge piles of money into developing it. And there we are at the moment. With that stack of money; our honey is turning young again. Before D365 Microsoft has released Dynamics NAV 2018 version and most likely in spring 2018 they will release Dynamics NAV 2018 R2. This means that it is a gradual process of going forward to the new platform and in this perspective the NAV 2018 will technologically allow a lot of new stuff but still be more traditional (stable) release. And for ages , we have shipped NAV’s to on-premise or cloud (virtual) servers or sold slices of the trendy shared cloud NAV. So what we currently have or what is going to come is the following: In the Spring of 2018 Microsoft will publish the cloud only version of the Dynamics 365 (Tenerife) and then most likely in the autumn of 2018 the on-premise version of it. But before that is coming out, there is going to be Dynamics NAV 2018 during December 2017 and then most likely spring 2018 the Dynamics NAV 2018 R2.

A lot of our customer are asking what they should do. Should they take the 2018 R2 or D365 which both are coming fairly soon. Well… even for us who closely work with Microsoft, this is a hard question as neither has yet been released. It is not a secret that Microsoft has had a bad record of introducing first versions of new technologies but the second time they nale it. Some might remember Windows 8, new AX version… I fear that D365 could be something similar although they have now practiced with the D365 Finance and Operation, Business version within restricted markets. But despite that I would select 2018 version and then monitor and possible wait for the more mature version. Likely during autumn 2018 there might even be automated tools available to ease in the process of upgrading to D365


Then the licensing. What we have learned when working with Microsoft and LSRetail is that the 2018 could be the last perpetual license based version and D365 is going to be subscription based (X eur/per user/per month). And yet, there is always the but factor. However, to our understanding customers will always have the option of running their systems (including LS Nav 365) in their own datacenter using a perpetual license. But we will know more if coming months.

What are the NAV versions at the moment

Dynamics 365, Business Edition

Following is a list of what is branded into the business edition

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business Edition. This is with Dynamics NAV 201x history but new technology and including

Dynamics 365 for Sales, Business Edition

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Business Edition

Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Business Edition

So, only Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Business Edition was listed above but as earlier mentioned, then proper D365 version is coming later in the Spring. The D365, Finance and Operations, Business Edition is buried and will not be released as such e.g. in rest of the Europe.

And then your AX

Dynamics 365, Enterprise Edition

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise Edition

Dynamics 365 for Sales, Enterprise Edition

Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Enterprise Edition

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service, Enterprise Edition

Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, Enterprise Edition

Dynamics 365 for Field Service, Enterprise Edition

Dynamics 365 for Retail, Enterprise Edition

Dynamics 365 for Talent, Enterprise Edition


Within Solteq, we have been doing Events and Extension for the 2018 version since the release date 1.12.2017 but here are some thoughts on the D365 development. They are our architect’s conclusions in nutshell:


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